Friday, September 26, 2008


I work at an Italian restaurant. The name of the restaurant is Spada (pronounced Spah-dah). My job title is Room Service Attendant. Here's how it works:

I show up wearing all black. I look great. Then, I sit around for three to four hours, waiting for the room-service phone (we deliver food to the adjacent hotel) to ring. In the meantime, I help buss tables and make $1 wagers with co-workers like "I'll bet you a dollar that our dish-washer is less than two hours late today." Coincidentally, our dishwasher, Jair, is a black-belt level master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu and my brother's personal fight coach over here.

When the room-service phone finally does ring, I take down the order and then deliver it to their rooms. When I get there, I knock. Invariably, they ask who it is.

Naturally, I look over my right shoulder at my queen and then yell, "This... Is... Spada!" and kick down their door.

I get great tips.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Quick Island Update

Note: More interactive blog-posts forthcoming

We don't yet have internet in Hawaii, so my communication has been sparse thus far. We should be getting it at our condo in less than a week, so updates/communications will improve then. Here's a short rundown of our trip so far:

It took us a week to find a place, as a miscommunication cost us our first choice. Nevertheless, we landed a swell 8th floor condo in downtown Waikiki that is pretty spacious and a mere three blocks from the gorgeous beachfront.

Celina and I recently landed jobs at an Italian restaurant down the road called Spada. It looks trendy and you have to wear all black when you work there. Celina has worked a couple of shifts and I start next week.

Lindsay scored a gig at Seattle's Best Coffee, and she is very excited about it. She's also really attractive (non-sequitor, I know, but worth noting).

Harrison, due largely to the fact that he's only here for a couple months, is having a bit of trouble finding a job so far, as he refuses (like the paragon of virtue that he truly is) to lie about how long he'll be here in job interviews. Anyway, pray for him.

We've been going to this tiny church a few blocks from our place that doesn't have a name or a congregation bigger than your kindergarten class. Seriouly. I counted 20 people there last Sunday and 9 of them were in the preacher's family. My jury is still out on the place (blog re: the church forthcoming), but its a lot of fun and the people there are full of love for each other and their community.

The weather is "88 and sunny" with a cool breeze every day.

Everything here is really pricey. Add 30-50 percent to whatever you're used to paying at home. My mission has been to scout out the deals, as many bars, restaurants, and stores have pretty rad deals if you go at the right times.

Ok, I got to jet. Internet at this cafe is expensive. I'll hook you all up with more info when we get the 'net at the condo. Love.