Monday, December 29, 2008

The Hardest I've Laughed In Weeks

You know how verbal laughter, like self-acceptance, is harder to come by when you're by yourself? If you're like me, you're the last bastion of true masculinity, and you also find that you don't laugh out loud nearly as often if you're by yourself. Experiencing something funny with others causes verbal laughter more readily than when you're alone.

Well, the link I'm about to show you made me laugh out loud, repeatedly and painfully, even though I'm 2,300 miles away from anyone important (I'm talking about you, Man-Humping-Bear statue!)

If you're a veteran of DizzoDreams, you know that I'll occasionally refer you to a site called Cracked. Well, I'm gonna do it again. One of their columnists is named Michael Swaim, and in this article, he lists his 8 favorite internet-sketch-comedy-troupes.


Often times, I'm more likely to skim an article and rarely do I click on video links. I am so glad I didn't make that mistake with this piece. Swaim includes a couple of videos from each troupe he lists and I highly encourage taking the time to watch them.

Personal Favorites:
*The Herpes medication that causes semi-controllable teleportation
*The Kwanzaa rap
*"Fate of the World"
*The One-Liner Service
*"My Super Sweet Funeral"

Please watch this. Especially you, Emerick.

**My apologies to anyone offended by any of the skits, especially the DuckTales parody and the last one.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Worst Sports Year Ever

Think I've been exaggerating when I've bemoaned the fates of my favorite sports teams? Well, check out this article from's Jim Caple on the past 12 months in Seattle sports. Then resist the urge to throw yourself in front of an oncoming bus.

Among the lowlights:
*NBA commissioner David Stern carved a rusty hole where his heart used to be by letting Clay Bennett move the SuperSonics to Oklahoma City.

*Mariners GM Bill Bavasi mortgaged the future of the team in exchange for 6 months of poking M's fans in the eyes with tobasco-dipped toothpicks.

* The Washington Huskies lost every game. Every game. Do you know how hard that is to do? They even got to play Wazzu! Seriously, right now, you could blindfold yourself, spin around fifty times, and then walk into the very pits of fiery Hell and come away with at least one college football win.

*The Seahwaks, Seattle's prennial winners of late, are sending their hero-coach, walrus Holmgren, out with a 4-win season. The sunset he thought he was riding off into turned out to be a painted brick wall.

*Bonus Feature: the 'Grey's Anatomy' spoof video in the sidebar.